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The REAL reason your solar isn't saving you money

The Age reported last week that 1 in 5 rooftop solar systems are not working properly, meaning thousands of Aussies are missing out on the savings they deserve. Have you forked out for solar but still get bill shock every quarter? Let’s take a look at why.

It’s true that dodgy solar inverters and botched installations plague the residential market, but there’s another reason your solar savings aren’t up to scratch – and your Electricity Network probably doesn’t want to talk about it!

High voltage is the hidden problem robbing solar customers of up to $800 every year. If your system is exposed to high voltage, your panels will be 15% less effective. If your system is exposed to really high voltage, your inverter will completely disconnect, meaning zero savings – even when the sun is shining.

So, what is high voltage and who’s to blame? Your Electricity Network delivers power to your home at voltage levels which are often too high for your appliances and solar system to handle. This forces your devices to churn through power, causing damage and expensive bills. If the grid voltage exceeds 254 volts, your solar inverter will go into bypass mode. Unless you have a swanky new inverter or an electrical license, you probably won’t know anything is wrong… until you see your power bill.

Electricity Networks argue that grid voltage needs to be high to power every home on the grid, and voltage levels are pushed up even higher by the large-scale adoption of solar. Both statements are true, but as Renew Economy reported in April, the problem is serious, and Networks should be doing much more than “force-feeding electricity to consumers” to fix it. Unfortunately, waiting for a slow-moving industry to fix Australia’s largest man-made system might take a while.

If you’ve made the smart decision to install solar but aren’t seeing a good return on your investment, it’s likely your home is exposed to high voltage. Luckily, there is a low-cost way to take control of your solar savings.

Voltage Optimisation technology exists today to shield your home from high voltage levels. It helps your solar system to work at maximum capacity whenever the sun is shining and saves you up to $800 every year! Click here to find out more.


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