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Are your customers getting the savings they deserve?


At Edge Electrons, we think solar customers deserve great savings and optimal performance from their PV systems. Unfortunately, most solar systems aren’t delivering maximum results due to high grid voltage.


High grid voltage impacts all solar customers across Australia. It means homes are being force-fed too much power from the electricity grid, which decreases solar performance and causes long-term damage to inverters and appliances.


Check out the ABC’s 7:30 Report on high voltage.

EdgeIQ is the multitasking hero that delivers better solar savings, 24-hour protection from power damage AND validates savings through a real-time portal.

Get EdgeIQ now for a special, discounted price.
Discount applies to first 100 orders only.
Call us NOW and quote ‘VIPSALE30’ to find out pricing.


High Electricity Bills

Appliances take in much more power than they need to run.

Inefficiency and voltage lock-out

Solar harvest is reduced by up to 15% and inverters automatically disconnect if voltage goes above 254 volts.

Reduced lifespan

Appliances burn out and inverter

lifespan is reduced.


Low Electricity Bills

Appliances take in only the voltage they need to run, which instantly reduces your consumption.

Solar Efficency

Solar harvest is increased by up to 15% giving you more electricity to sell back to the grid.

Smart and interactive

Panel performance and energy usage is monitored in real-time through a simple customer interface.

Hassle free

You don't have to change your usage behaviour at all.

Prevents inverter lock-out

Stops your solar system from disconnecting due to high voltage.

Appliance protection

Appliances and inverters are protected from damaging voltage spikes (up to 10.000 volts).

Customer Testimonials

Customer_Anton_Glen Iris_VIC.jpg

“Even with solar, I couldn’t believe how much my family was spending every month on electricity. Without any visibility of how our solar system was performing, I wasn’t sure if there was a problem with our panels. EdgeIQ reduces our bill and shows me exactly how much solar I am producing. It's good peace of mind after investing a lot in our solar panels.”

- Anton, VIC

“After a long time struggling with high grid voltage switching off my solar, this new technology saved the day, thanks to Edge Electrons for not only saving me money

but my sanity" 

- Lee, SA


Call us NOW and quote ‘VIPSALE30’ to find out our special, discounted EdgeIQ pricing.

Discount applies to first 100 orders only.

Want value for money? EdgeIQ comes with edgeConX the most intuitive, customer-friendly monitoring app on the market.


edgeConX provides

- Live solar monitoring

- See what’s happening on the grid

- Live EdgeIQ performance monitoring

- See how much your saving from your smartphone



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