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Most importantly, we protect the house from high voltages on the network. This delivers the savings and improved appliance performance and longer life for our customers. Sometimes we see the electricity networks running voltages at levels significantly higher than they should be under Australian Standards and regulations. This can be dangerous for all customers, so we automatically send advice to the electricity networks showing them when and where the high voltage levels occurred and requesting them to fix the problem and operate within the regulations. If the problem continues, we will reach out to the ombudsman to help us get the networks to fix the problem.

The EdgeIQ will improve your solar output and has a patented software application which ensures that we maximise the amount of solar you export to the grid. Importantly this significantly reduces the amount of time your solar system isn’t working as a result of those high grid voltages. In simple terms, this software calculates the actual voltage at the point of grid connection, which takes into account the effect of all the wiring in your house and your mains connection to the grid. This allows us to get the most out of your solar, but still operate within Australian Standards.

So does the EdgeIQ cause problems for the electricity network and other customers? The simple answer is no. We operate within AS4777 standards, but do so in a much smarter way than traditional solar systems. All to help the customer. If you don’t have an EdgeIQ, you will continue to be fed higher voltage and more electricity than you need, which will increase your electricity bills and damage your household appliances. We will continue to report incidences of high, illegal voltage when we see them.

So who loses from the EdgeIQ? We get this question a lot. Ultimately, if we can regulate and control voltage at every household and small business, we believe Edge technologies can reduce electricity consumption in Australia by 10% and improve the reliability and safety of supply. This means lower demand for generation from coal fired baseload power stations, which means lower electricity prices as well as lower usage. In fact, if we control the voltage at the recommended 220 volt level, we could close the 2 largest coal fired power stations in Australia.


So yes, there will be losers in this game. This has been a hugely profitable business for electricity generators and electricity networks over the past decades, so that’s why they are resistant to change. But at Edge, we don’t see that as a reason to stop helping our customers."

Richard McIndoe

Chairman, Edge Electrons

A message from Edge Electrons’ Chairman, Richard McIndoe

“We have been asked a few times

about the effect EdgeIQ has on the

electricity network. Here’s a simple

explanation of what we do.

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