About us – Our team

Edge Electrons Australia is based in Richmond, Victoria, with talented people in every state. Our local team is bolstered by our design and operations teams across the globe. From our engineers in Manila, to our sales specialists in Brisbane, Edge aims to shake up the energy industry and give control back to our customers!

Richard McIndoe

Executive Chairman

Richard is a recognised leader in the Asia-Pacific energy region, having been CEO of Energy Australia from 2006 to 2014. During this time, Richard grew the business from a single power station to a national energy business with AUD 8 billion in assets and 2.8 million customers.

Prior to his role at Energy Australia, Richard was Managing Director of CLP Power Asia, one of the largest investors in the Asian private power sector.

Neal Stewart

Co-founder/ CTO

Neal is a trailblazer in the global power electronics industry. He founded Astec International (power supplies), which is now an award-winning division of Emerson Electric.

Neal has many patents to his credit in both advanced power electronics and biochemistry. For a quarter of a century he has won significant global awards, including the prestigious Emerson Technology Leadership Award.